VESSEL - drama, IND/POL, 2014, 11 mins, 35mm, colour

Two people meet at work during nightshift on the vessel in the middle of the ocean. For older Officer it's a routine time, but younger Xavier oppresses in himself something of grave importance - finally he starts conversation. Through a period of few days of night discussions younger man realizes illusion he'd been living in, the truth - even though unwanted.

How will this meeting influence each one of them?


ROLE IN PRODUCTION - Director, Scripwriter, Co-producer

azan - karolina skrzynska
(in postproduction)

AZAN - music video, IND, 2014, 5 mins, 2K DCP

This music video created to the beautiful song by Karolina Skrzyńska, was shot in the state of Maharashtra, India. Amazing vast spaces flow together with the voice of singer. Two characters are stuck in the never ending search for each other. Voice calling them, pulls them like instinct towards each other - are they bound to meet? 


ROLE IN PRODUCTION - Director, Scripwriter.

bardo - stan przejsciowy

Bardo - stan przejściowy - thriller, POL, 2014, 27 mins, HD

In director Anna Sormus' diploma film I was glad to be First Assistant Director. Intriguing story about touching life and death through the young woman's experience of Tibetan holy passages - Bardo, the Book of the Dead.


ROLE IN PRODUCTION - 1st AD, editor.

anatomia (anathomy)

ANATOMIA (ANATHOMY) - documentary, POL, 2011, 4 mins, HD.

Two youngsters first time come to the museum. They discover the world never known to them before. Just see how they emerge in the art.


ROLE IN PRODUCTION - Co-director, Cinematographer.

strefa (the zone)

STREFA (THE ZONE) - experimental, IND/POL, 2013, 15 mins, HD.

Film explores feelings of character frozen in time. We enter world of existence of a man lost in memories , trying to find his own identity. Sometimes in retrospection from times of war -- thoughts and memories which he should not remember, seem like memories from previous life. They seem like not his memories. Other times he takes his memory of previous partner as real, tries to hold to this illusion,but finally brakes through like waves. Wrapped with sound of trains, character discovers ways to understand himself.


ROLE IN PRODUCTION - editor, actor, co-producer.

Please, message me if you'd like to watch full film.


Main titles of "CAISSA" - a film by Marcel Woźniak.


ROLE IN PRODUCTION - Motion Graphic Designer, Lead Animator, 3d/2d Compositor.